Jordan Jones took his small business to the big leagues over the last three years, as his fashion brand MAUVAIS has expanded rapidly to turnover £8m in 2021, making it one of the fastest-growing businesses in the UK. 

All of this would have seemed impossible a few years ago and is sure to have shocked his former teachers, too. The company began small and built from there, with Jordan trusting in himself and the strength of his brand throughout some of the tougher early stages.

Jordan decided to pursue the route of entrepreneurship rather than a traditional career path. He knew himself enough to know that it was only an entrepreneurial career that would truly suit him – and was willing to work hard enough to make it work. He turned to fashion and design, taking inspiration from the world of high-end style to create stylish men’s fashions without the high-end price tag. 

When he started out, MAUVAIS was run from Jordan’s childhood home – with him regularly sorting and shipping orders at his local Post Office. This caused lots of commotion due to the lengthy queues which accumulated as a result! 

By the end of the first year, he’d amassed a £500k turnover, which grew to more than £1.5m by the second year of trading. Jordan knows how lucky he is to have achieved this, but also knows its success he worked hard to make it a reality. 

In year three, Jordan’s brand was faced with the unprecedented challenge of the Covid-19 pandemic, which crippled many businesses both large and small. But instead of focusing on the negatives for his business, instead decided to pivot and look for new business opportunities. This entrepreneurial spirit has taken him far, and Jordan is delighted to have seen the company thrive at such a difficult time.

Operating on a direct-to-consumer basis allowed Jordan to seek markets around the globe, and to focus on online selling through the MAUVAIS website and global retailer ASOS. 

The clever marketing plan which accompanies MAUVAIS has helped contribute to its success. Partnering with established influencers and drawing on an impressive Instagram following, Jordan encouraged his team (now totaling seven office staff and a dedicated distribution center) to accentuate the positive and think outside the box. By hiring people with a similarly entrepreneurial viewpoint, he was able to draw on their knowledge and work towards strengthening the MAUVAIS brand. 

By sending free products to content creators (and using their images on the website), Jordan has been able to receive a conveyer belt of new content to show off the products on social media. His brand has also been shown to have a wide-reaching appeal, now worn by international sports stars from the NFL, NBA, and UFC. 

With plans to reach revenues of £50m in the next few years, MAUVAIS continues to go from strength to strength. 

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