There is no argument that dog owners love their dogs often madly, and rightly so; dogs are amazing little beings of love and light!. Dogs have been part of many aspects of human life. Most people say that dogs are people, while others consider them their best friends or family members.

Dogs are more than our furry friends. They have been helping humans in so many activities. Some hospitals are tapping man’s canine friends as therapy dogs. They assist  medical personnel in providing affection and comfort to ill people. The emotional support dogs can give to patients is so natural that they do not need specific training, dogs can sense discomfort and provide that sense of calming stability..

Pet wellness coach, Stephanie Krol said that it is essential to learn about the nutritional requirements of dogs. “The dietary needs of your dog are different from your dietary needs, but also similar in some ways,” she explained. However, she pointed out that most dog owners tend to feed their dogs around their convenience and not based on the health of their dogs. “As a result, dogs become unhealthy because their diet failed to meet their needs, and most times folks do not even know what they are doing as they are getting health, wellness and nutrition advice from a traditionally trained veterinarian, and that’s just not their job or area of concentration,” Dr. Stephanie said.

Dr. Stephanie is a certified raw dog food nutrition specialist. She is a proud owner of a Jack Russell Terrier, named Winston. Dr. Stephanie confessed that she loves her dog madly and that her favorite title is dog owner. She currently teaches dog owners how to make their dogs healthier by adopting good practices in feeding them correctly.

Getting toKnow the Go-To Pet Wellness Coach

Dr. Stephanie earned a lot of admiration in the university level academic world for her excellence and professionalism. She is an award-winning educator and a sought-after Dean for Higher Education in the Allied Health School area. After she moved on from teaching, Dr. Stephanie rekindled an old passion for animal welfare by becoming a certified raw dog food nutrition specialist. She provides disease reversal and proper diet plans for dogs. Hence, she quickly became  the go-to person of dog owners to take good care of their dogs the right way and to help them heal and reverse their disease states

Dr. Stephanie’s soft spot for animals goes back to when she was young. She shared that while growing up, she dreamed of becoming a horse veterinarian. “I was only five years old when I started riding and jumping horses. I started as a jumper,” she added. For more than three decades, she had earned numerous jumper, rally, and Dressage awards as an equestrian. She was forced to retire her horse with one score shy of a bronze medal in Dressage because her horse suffered from navicular complications. “Seeing my horse in pain  broke my heart,” she added.

Dr. Stephanie was preparing to become an equine veterinarian. While in high school, she earned her C3 level as a Pony Clubber. It is known as a prep program for children who aspire to be horse veterinarians and just about any career in the equine industry. Then, she became a trained Veterinary and Laboratory Technician at the age of 16. She held these roles through  the first two years in college, while completing her first degree in psychology.  Supposedly, she was bound to become a veterinarian; however, she chose  a detour after being in that field a few years, that led her to complete a doctorate in education and join the academic world.

Once again, Dr. Stephanie is doing something which she is very passionate about. She hopes that what she is doing right now, will help contribute to the greater world of dogs and cats, so they can live happy and healthy lives.

Aside from being a Certified Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist, Dr. Stephanie holds a certified and accredited Animal Psychology/Pets Behavior Specialist. She also has a Professional Status with the International Association of Canine Professionals.

Feed Your Dog with  Raw Food

Dr. Stephanie discovered that many dogs are prematurely aging, and becoming disease ridden because they consume overly processed, cleverly marketed commercial pet food. There are ao many dogs and cats suffering with allergies, generalized inflammation and autoimmune diseases out there, and it does not have to be that way at all. Our pets eat what we give them, so if we get them into sickness from not educating and informing ourselves or going to the wrong folks for advice, the great news is, with a little direction, we can get them out and healthy again if we don’t leave them too sick for too long! She found out that most of the promises made on the packages of commercialized pet food are frequently exaggerated. “Most commercial pet foods are made of discarded animal by products which are no longer fit for human consumption. Some of these animal byproducts can contain tumors or lots of fat that are not good for your dog’s health,” she explained.

Dog owners might ask Dr. Stephanie what the best food is for their dogs? “Raw food remains the healthiest food for your dog. Time and time again, science and research have proven the health benefits of raw food on dogs and humans,” she explained. Our body knows what to do with actual whole food and not processed, hybridized or gmo foods covered in chemicals.

Dr. Stephanie reminded dog owners that feeding their dogs with meals consisting of human food grade is not only a dog-friendly strategy, but also a wise one. “It’s definitely better than anything being offered in the commercialized pet industry, but it still has ill-effects on your dog if it’s not put together properly. Combining plant foods with meat,can cause a level of toxicity not good for your dog,” she said. She added that it could harm their dogs over time and create unnecessary toxicity. 

“The nutritional properties of bones and meat diminishes as you cook it. Cooking also changes the structure of the bone and devoid its nutritional content and makes it unsafe for consumption for dogs and cats. As they get brittle, cooked bones become dangerous for your pet and can tear, puncture or even cause an obstruction. That is why I never recommend serving your dog with cooked bones,” Dr. Stephanie noted.

Dr. Stephanie attested that switching to a proper raw diet helped Winston to become healthy again. “A  change in your dog’s diet can make a big difference on his health and enjoyment in life. The right food could optimize your dog’s health and lifespan,” she added. If your looking to change your conversation about your dog from I’d just like to keep them comfortable the last few years, to my dog can jump on the furniture and go on walks again, drop all things creating toxicity and allow your dog to heal and restore health, so the last years are spent going on trips together, biking and running like I do with my boy. It truly is possible to reframe your relationship and the quality of your dog’s life! 

Dr. Stephanie invites dog and cat owners to learn how to restore their dog’s health through a specialized diet. “I can teach dog and cat owners how to stop putting toxins on and in their pets. You will learn a science-based nutrition plan that can prevent disease in your dog. A proper raw diet is vital in keeping your dog healthy,” she said.

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