There are numerous ways you can improve your technical knowledge. You could study, do research, seek guidance, among others. But, a perhaps less known method is to use angel investing in startups to stay up to date in the technology space. 

Angel investing is an informal way high-net-worth individuals fund startups or new businesses in return for equity ownership. Equity position means they will own a certain percentage of the company to grow their investments when it becomes successful. Angel Investing is, therefore, a partnership between the Angel investor and startup company. 

High-profile companies like Uber, WhatsApp, and Facebook made Angel investors a lot more popular, according to a report by Forbes

Angel Investors typically invest in startups valued at less than $5M; anything above would normally attract a venture capitalist. 

 How Angel Investing Can Help You Become A Better Technologist 

There are no rules as to how an angel investor should work. It’s upon them to work with the startup to ensure their investment grows. With technical expertise, you could provide assurance, advice, or skills to the startup’s product development. By helping build companies, you can design an incredible culture related to technology. It can help you be a better business technologist by; 

Professional variety

When you help various startups and be involved in all their development stages, it will boost your intellect, awarding you with a variety, thus developing new skills every step of the way.

Entrepreneurial community

Again, you can tap into a whole ecosystem of support and camaraderie that is not available in the corporate world. Being in an environment where you can learn from professionals is a tremendous advantage to boost your skills. 

Networking opportunities

As an angel investor, you can also access a whole network of other founders, investors, partners, and, favorably, a vast tech community. 

See the latest trends

Startups will allow you to learn more and stay up to date with the latest trends and technologies. They give you a reason to research and study new markets and businesses, which keeps your mind active. This act will allow you to be better at technology. 

Arif Harbott as an Angel Investor

Arif is a CTO, technology disruptor, and angel investor. He specializes in combining strategy with cutting-edge technology to deliver impact at speed for the modern business world. He has experience managing budgets c.$1bn+, P&L $900m+, and led teams of 2,000+ people. He has also been a founder and angel investor to multiple successful start-ups.

Arif uses a practical, value-driven style to find ways that the latest innovations and next-generation technology can fuel company success to transform businesses and improve financial performance. He invests in companies looking to make a significant impact by making the world a better place for future generations. His high-profile clients include Lloyds Bank, Morrison, The Ministry of Justice, the European Commission, and the Booker Group. Arif has been published widely in leading technology publications and regularly speaks at industry conferences.