With the great demands recently being placed on the health care sector, there has been a massive influx of patients and this has increased the demand for talented nurses to facilitate recoveries. If you are interested in rising to this challenge, you will need a bachelor’s in the science of nursing (BSN). This degree can be earned by applying to and completing a BSN program.  

During undergraduate studies, you will work on completing several application forms and papers including, letters of recommendation and several personal essays. Taking the time to fully research the necessary studies can help to build a well-rounded level of experience.    

To most people, a registered nurse health coach is a specialist who combines the science of nutrition and nursing to guide healthy eating and living. This is true to a certain degree, but there are other things to consider as well. An Associate of Applied Nursing degree alone is not enough to gain certification as a nurse’s coach and may only make the process more confusing. Certification as a nurse coach can take a few more years of study after graduation.  

The requirements laid out for gaining the title of a nurse health coach are rigorous. In addition to the lengthy studies to become a trained nurse, applicants must also learn how to develop a strong rapport with their patients. Once these skills have been mastered, they must begin to better understand the conditions that their patients will be facing and how they can help their patients improve their health.  

This is a very rewarding career for those looking to improve their health. Additionally, the salary is also very competitive and the outlook for a career in nurses coaching is bright. As the country and modern civilization move away from their focus on good health, chronic conditions are beginning to take route everywhere.  

The Nurse Coach Certification Program we are offering at Nurses Coach Collective provides a deeper understanding and innovative approaches to health and recovery.  

Once they have received their certification, a nurse may choose to work in a hospital setting, medical service, or even in an insurance company. They may also choose to work independently. A nurse coach can earn as much as 60,000 annually. With proper training and instruction in the art and science of being a certified nurse health coach, you can gain a better understanding of health and apply this knowledge for the good of all.  

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Job Outlook 

You will need a bachelor’s degree that will provide you with all the skills and know-how to perform in this tense environment. A BSN will add some heft to your capacity in this environment. Furthermore, many employers will only choose candidates who have this degree. Some colleges have bridge programs in which you can earn a BSN in as little as 12 to 18 months.  

Then there is another training that can also be beneficial to your career. An undergraduate degree in nursing can help you gain a better understanding of your chosen field of occupation. We also recommend that you broaden your opportunities with advanced degrees or cross-training. 

A nurse health coach’s salary is typically higher than what the average nurse is used to collecting, but the exact figure will depend largely on what the employer is willing to pay. An associate’s degree in nursing will take about 2 years to complete. Remember that an associate degree in nursing will not provide all the training you will need to be competent as a nurse health coach, so we recommend you include an additional degree. You may also want to consider working in a clinic, hospital or some other medical facility that can help in the future to establish your own business.  

A nurse health coach will also be able to open up their own practice and can start health consulting from the comfort of their home or private practice.  This type of career path allows for very flexible schedules and work environments. In addition to being free from the office and, you can enjoy the fulfillment of working with patients that look to you to make an important difference in their lives. Although this type of work can also be done from a hospital, you can also choose to handle these tasks from any setting. There are many ways to take advantage of this type of degree, and the opportunities will be even more plentiful as you gain experience.  

The salary you can expect will depend on many factors including the location, experience levels, your place of employment, job description, and employer. If you are looking to begin a career as a nurse health coach, consider taking a look at all the opportunities available at the Health Job Board.

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