Famous personalities are the trend-setters for fashion. We look to them for inspiration and are motivated to ‘get the look’ once we spot our favorite icon with an outfit that’s out of the ordinary. 

When you look at men’s fashion, you’ll notice that today’s personalities no longer rock the simple black or navy suit. We are now witnessing celebrities with more creative and colorful suits donning the red carpet. Some of those personalities like Randy Jackson, Russell Wilson, Rami Malek, and others have appeared in the limelight wearing Cesar Cruz’s suits. We talked to this high-end fashion entrepreneur to learn why renowned personalities are looking to him for their fashion. 

About Cesar Cruz 

Cesar Cruz (A.K.A Rickie Cruz) is the founder of Sebastian Cruz Couture. Established in 2014, the company has quickly scaled the ranks to become one of the leading luxury men’s wears fashion. 

Cesar co-founded the company with his wife, Natasha Cruz. Unlike most fashion brands that start with a brick-and-mortar store, the couple entered the market with an eCommerce site. They started by selling hand-crocheted pocket squares that had never been seen before in the market. 

Cesar launched the pocket-squares on Instagram using the handle @The Pocket Square Industry. Before the launch, the only pocket squares in the market were 16 by 16 silk h fabrics that cost $400. These pocket squares were of no use as they would easily slip from the pocket. 

Yet the launch of Cesar’s pocket squares was the beginning of his company’s success. Over time he launched other products like exclusive dinner jackets, bold shirting, ties, and bow ties. 

Cesar’s outfits ultimately won the hearts of millions as they are completely innovative, bold, and fearless. 

Dressing Up Renowned Personalities 

Cesar’s suits have become popular with celebrities as they break away from the conservative culture. His suits are innovative, with some having bold prints and daring colors. 

Cesar’s suits are an expression of authenticity, individuality, and self-expression. This modern yet classy representation of luxury is what Cesar and his wife are passionate about and want their clients to experience. 

One example of Cesar’s work is Randy Jackson’s bold printed suit that he wore at the Miss America event. The suit was a bold and classy statement, which made the event all the more exciting. 

As many renowned personalities look to grace major events by standing out from other personalities, Cesar’s suits will likely continue to grow in demand as he is one of the leading designers making bold statements. 

Final remark:-

The men’s fashion niche has evolved from the relative traditionalist, hesitant to breach the norm, type of standard to one that’s open to individual expression and innovation. Thanks to designers like Cesar, fans can no longer predict how their favorite icons will appear at an event, who are constantly innovating and paving the way for trends. 

Cesar’s works have changed the narrative for men’s fashion as an increasing number of men step out of the conservative past and into the world of individuality, authenticity, and self-expression. 

You can check out Cesar’s creations here