When users spend more time on your website, your business is more likely to turn a conversion.  Building a website that engages people is a great way to build a lucrative outlet for your business.

It’s always worth the investment when you’re optimizing the ins and outs of your website design.  Here are a few simple design tips to help raise user engagement on your website.  Take a look, and consider how you might improve your pages today.  

Use engaging videos to prolong engagement

People prefer to watch a video instead of reading, so adding compelling videos to your design will keep people on your page for longer.  Use videos to pique the interest of visitors.  

For instance, this stone column foundation company makes you want to watch the intro video to its completion.  The page immediately shows visuals of what the company specializes in doing, so there’s no question that you’re in the right place.  

Create more scannable content

Web users don’t typically read through a site’s text word for word.  Instead, people scan through blocks of text looking for keywords or terms that will answer their queries.  Design the text of your website to satiate the world’s scanning needs.  

Make sure you ensure readability by choosing a good font size and line spacing.  Break up your text into choppy sections, so users don’t get overwhelmed, and consider implementing bullet lists when appropriate.  

Add a call to action to your design

Adding a call to action to your pages will engage users.  Getting users to do something on your page will keep them there longer.  A simple call to action will ask a user to “watch now” or “click here”.  

If you have a blog section within your website, make sure you drop a call to action at the end of each post.  Ask users to “leave a comment” or “sign up” for more posts through email.  The purpose is to strike a connection.  

Reduce page loading times

You only have a few seconds upon landing to draw a user’s attention, and you can’t waste time on slow loading speeds.  Most people won’t wait more than a couple of seconds for a page to load before they move on to something new.  

Make sure you’re in the know on the best methods for analyzing and upgrading your page’s loading speeds, so people never have to wait on your content to display.  

Use an exit-intent popup

When a user is ready to leave your website, there’s no harm in making sure that’s really what they want to do.  You don’t want to waste all your great marketing, so add an exit-intent popup.  

Users will be prompted with another engaging opportunity when they start to leave, so they have just one more shot at checking out all the excellent things your business has to offer.