Businesses thrive on inspiration and creativity. Arguably every leading businessman or woman has a special activity they do to draw up creative business ideas. For some, it may be solitude; for others, it may be music, but for Michael Andrew Lauchlan, poetry has been that source. 

Besides being a renowned entrepreneur, he is also a poet and a lover of the literary world. So, it comes as no surprise that poetry is his muse for innovative business solutions. However, the big question worth asking him is how he turns to poetry for inspiration. 

This article reveals the top-secret ways the successful entrepreneur channels his love for poetry into an inspiration for business solutions. If you have a soft spot for literary works and need some tips on converting your creative muse into some ground-breaking business ideas, here’s how Michael Andrew Lauchlan does it. 

Reading a poem every day

Poems provide an entrance to the thoughts of other people, who tend to be more creative. So, by reading a poem, you can get to walk through how other people perceive things, and you may draw inspiration from words and rhymes.

Now you may wonder how reading poetry helps a business person. But Michael Andrew Lauchlan testifies that reading his favorite poetry books has helped improve his vocabulary and broaden his cognition process. Reading wide helps him learn how people approach good or bad situations, and he applies that to everyday business problems.

Besides, reading a poem helps him develop empathy. That way, he can relate better with employees, business partners, competitors, and customers in a fitting way. 

Keeping a journal of poems

Making notes and documenting poems have helped Michael nurture his business creativity. Keeping a journal helps his note-taking abilities and teaches him the importance of documenting memories. So, when he needs some inspiration, he turns to his journal for pieces of poetry. From there, he draws inspiration to keep pursuing his goals. 

Memorizing poems

Michael Andrew Lauchlan commits several poems to memory. He suggests that this activity helps him improve his thinking abilities and expand his capacity to store information.

By memorizing poems, he tasks his brain to do more work and remember complex issues. As a result, he is better at applying these cognitive abilities to brainstorming ideas for business.

Writing poem

Besides reading what others have written, he makes it a duty to write his poems. This process always involves taping into his inner recesses to discover ideas, situations, and events that he can write about. 

Poetry involves converting abstract ideas into a relatable form for other people to read and enjoy. In the same vein, Michael uses this entire poetry process to improve his creativity.

He discovered that writing a poem is just like running a business. You have to translate abstract ideas and issues into real-life innovation and business solutions that people will enjoy.

You can be just like Michael, and it doesn’t have to be poetry. Find your muse and draw creativity for business innovation from it, the same this successful enterpreneur does.